3 Benefits Of Down Camping Blankets Over Sleeping Bags

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3 Benefits Of Down Camping Blankets Over Sleeping Bags

When you go camping, proper sleep is important. You want to remain warm and comfortable so you can make the most out of the outdoors. When you select sleeping options, you can choose from a wide range of options, including sleeping bags or down camping blankets.

While sleeping bags may seem like the more traditional option, discover some of the advantages when you choose a down camping blanket. A down camping blanket manufacturer creates high-quality blankets that were made specifically for camping.

1. Wrap Around Your Body

Sleeping bags serve the main purpose of sleeping. When you're zipped up in the bag, you cannot walk around or move freely. With a down camping blanket, you have the option to wrap the blanket around your shoulders and explore the campsite. For example, at night, you can wrap your blanket around you as you sit by the campfire.

In the morning, you can use the blanket to help get rid of morning chills. With a sleeping bag, you have to endure the cold as soon as you get out. The down blanket can go with you to multiple places.

2. Tent Bed Base

A down blanket doesn't just serve as a cover. The thick blanket can create a cushioned base for the hard tent ground. You can easily lay a down blanket flat and spread it across a tent. While you could unzip a sleeping bag, certain areas may make it hard to lay completely flat. You also run into the issue of the zippers.

As you try to lay down flat, the zippers could get in your way and create annoyance as you try to sleep. The down blanket provides the same texture from seam to seam so you can move freely across the tent.

3. Natural Animal Protection

Manufacturers of down blankets rely on real feathers to fill the blankets. Typically, the feathers come from ducks and geese. The down feathers are the softest feathers on the animal. Not only does the down material provide comfort, but the material provides weather protection.

Ducks and geese can withstand a wide range of cold temperatures and chilly nights. When you use a down blanket, you will find the same protection on your body. The natural connection can help connect you with nature and feel more of the elements as you explore the wilderness.

Down blankets are often made with special procedures to ensure the animals remain protected as well. Many companies follow the Responsible Down Standard to ensure animals receive fair treatment.

The next time you prepare for a camping trip, consider the use of camping blankets over alternative options like a sleeping bag. 

For more information, contact a local camping blanket manufacturer

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